As you age, you may find yourself or someone you love becoming a bit more forgetful, or maybe you keep misplacing things. While frequent forgetfulness or severe memory loss may be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease, some forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. While it’s not preventable, there are things you can do to slow down the brain aging process.

Keeping your brain active – much like your body – is very important at all times of life. When using free games to keep your mind sharp, you’re working out your brain and reducing your brain age. It’s a simple way to keep sharp, and many people do these types of activities every day. Things you’re already doing every day may count as brain exercises for seniors, like crossword puzzles and word searches! ​

As you look through this list of the best games to keep your mind sharp, consider these factors:

You’ll find brain games in plenty of different formats, from classic board games to word puzzles and even online video games. For your convenience, we have focused on games you can play easily on a laptop or cellphone.

It’s important to find games that are not only fun but aren’t too frustrating. If you’re looking for online brain games for a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, you’ll want to choose games that are challenging but not so difficult that they’ll be impossible to complete. Playing games and solving puzzles online can be a nice stress reliever for the player. Start slowly with some beginner puzzles and gradually progress to harder puzzles.

Some of the apps and desktop programs require a monthly fee to play. They usually provide more in-depth features like tracking, personalized training programs, and support. These types of programs aren’t for everyone, though they are quite effective.

Pick games that you have fun playing, as you’ll be more likely to play them by choice. At the same time, it is important to vary the types of activities you do. Find a balance.

To help you find the best brain games for you (or your loved one), we’ve selected 10 of the best brain games for seniors that are both fun and challenging. From simple classics to more sophisticated brain games for seniors that will have you putting on your thinking cap, there’s something on this list for everyone who wants to give their brain a good workout.

10 Free Online Brain Games for Seniors

1) BrainCurls https://braincurls.com/

This website has a variety of different games to get your brain working. Looking for a memory game? Or maybe you’re more inclined to answer some logic and math questions. Whatever it is, you’ll find plenty of options on BrainCurls.

Key Features:
Series of different games
Simple to access and play
Price: Free

2) SharpBrains https://sharpbrains.com/brainteasers

A comprehensive list of 25 different brain teasers. The list is filled with games, illusions, riddles, and other tasks that will work your brain. It’s a great resource for those looking to exercise their brain but aren’t sure what types of tasks they’re interested in.

Key Features:
25 different brain teasers
Includes optical illusions
Easy to navigate
Price: Free

3) Daily Word Search https://www.mindgames.com/game/Daily+Word+Search

An online, web-based version of a word search. It’s a classic game that’s loved by everyone with a new puzzle introduced every day. There are word searches at different difficulty levels, so it’s excellent for beginners and pros alike.

Key Features:
Classic word search
New puzzle every day
Different difficulty levels
Price: Free

4) Brain Trainer https://www.mindgames.com/game/Brain+Trainer

A free brain training flash game that mixes memory, logic, and number games to introduce a new puzzle every day. Aside from playing the daily challenges, you can train yourself on any of the games and even track your scores, monitoring your progress.

Key Features:
Different brain-training challenges each day
Track your scores
Training mode
Price: Free

5) Tetris https://tetris.com/play-tetris

A cult classic, Tetris is available online and can be played completely free. What was just a simple game as a kid serves a dual purpose for older adults, as it also trains your brain. It’s a fun, competitive game that’ll bring you back to your youth.

Key Features:
Competitive, tracks scores and has a leaderboard
Simple to play
Gets more challenging as you go
Price: Free

6) Solitaire https://cardgames.io/solitaire/

A tried-and-true card game comes to the web. Solitaire, which may be the most popular card game on the planet, trains your brain to notice patterns and gives your memory a workout. It’s a simple, no-frills version of the game.

Key Features:
Classic version of the game
No ads or distractions
Easy to jump into
Price: Free

7) Daily Crossword https://www.mindgames.com/game/The+Daily+Crossword

Test your knowledge and recall ability with a crossword puzzle. It’s another classic game that can be as easy or hard as you like, depending on the type you play and your knowledge. With that said, it’s a great way to test your brain.

Key Features:
New crossword every day
Easy to access
Can play old puzzles
Price: Free

8) Memozor https://www.memozor.com/

An online resource with over 10 versions of a matching card game, Memozor is great for testing your memory. You can play it as much as you want with no restrictions. If you get bored with one version, try another!

Key Features:
Many different matching games
A lot of variety on one website
Free with unlimited access

9) Triviaplaza https://www.triviaplaza.com/

Triviaplaza is a one-stop-shop for all things trivia. It’s a place where you can test your knowledge of just about anything, exercising your brainpower and forcing you to recall knowledge. Play word trivia, or try your luck at your favorite movie trivia.

Key Features:
Tons of different types of trivia
Simple navigation
Can play to beat the average score
Price: Free

10) TheJigsawPuzzles https://thejigsawpuzzles.com/

Doing a jigsaw puzzle forces you to use parts of your brain you don’t use often, and this website has hundreds of free puzzles to choose from. Start small with an easy puzzle and work your way up to doing 5,000-piece puzzles.

Key Features:
Hundreds of puzzles to choose from
Different difficulty puzzles, perfect for all skill types
Mystery puzzle available every day
Price: Free

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