TransMedCare founder Andrew Brainard discusses the growing need for long distance medical transport and what to look for in a reliable transportation provider


TransMedCare founder Andrew Brainard
In our latest podcast, produced in coordination with Senior Living Guide, host Darleen Mahoney and TransMedCare founder Andrew Brainard discuss a variety of topics relating to the growing need for safe and secure long distance medical transport and the ever changing face of health care in America.

As a society, we are becoming more and more mobile with family moving to different parts of the country. As many seniors and elderly family members age, they may find that declining health or cognitive issues make it difficult to travel to be closer to their extended families or receive out of the area care. In this podcast, we dig deep into these solutions and discuss the importance of qualified state to state long distance medical transportation… what to look for when considering this type of transportation… and why one might need it.

Topics discussed include:

  • What exactly does long distance medical transportation entail?
  • As life expectancies continue to rise and the senior population continues to grow, is there a correlation in the increased need for medical transportation and relocation services?
  • What are some of the typical medical conditions that families encounter that require private medical transportation services? 
  • How has the onset of Covid-19 and the increase in other communicable diseases affected the demand for medical transport over recent years? 
  • What types of vehicles are typically used for state to state medical transport?
  • How should a medical vehicle be typically staffed for long distance travel?
  • What features and amenities should be expected during medical transport in regards to health, safety and patient comfort?
  • How have advances in technology played a role in medical transportation over recent years?
  • What are some of the challenges that lie ahead in regard to senior health care and medical transport?

TransMedCare was formed in 2015 responding to the need to offer a better solution for medical transportation on a national scale and create a more efficient medical transportation option with improved comfort care and increased safety in the transport of the elderly and medical patients across the continental United States. Today, TransMedCare operates a fleet of fully customized medical transport vans with a growing demand for services nationwide and recently opening a second location in Las Vegas, Nevada to better serve families and patients across the Western United States.

TransMedCare is proud to partner with Senior Living Guide, a leading resource for seniors seeking up to date information regarding relocation destinations and senior services nationwide.