Your parents or elderly loved ones may be unable to live at home and support themselves forever; you may have to choose an assisted living option or bring them into your home. Although there’s nothing wrong with caring for them yourself, it’s not a viable option for many people. In addition, an assisted living community may have an increased capacity to care for them and their needs. However, you should know these questions to ask a prospective assisted living facility to ensure it’ll be the best fit for your loved one.

What Safety Measures Does the Community Have?

Safety and accessibility measures are incredibly important for older adults or those prone to falling. That said, you should ask if the facility has safety features to ensure your loved one has a positive experience there. Consider the following factors when it comes to evaluating safety and accessibility:

  • Handrails
  • Widened doors
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Shower benches and handles
  • Elevators and stairlifts

How Much Training Does the Staff Undergo?

The staff is arguably the most crucial part of the overall experience; therefore, you should ask how much training they undergo. Different facilities may have unique standards and practices for caring for their residents—ask about their philosophy, mission statement, training standards, and certifications or qualifications for their employees.

You can also ask about the number of employees at the facility or how many employees are in each department. After all, these are the people that will be responsible for your loved one.

What Do the Meal Services Look Like?

Meals are crucial when it comes to an assisted living facility, especially if your loved one is a picky eater. Many communities have different standards for their meal services—some may be pay-by-meal, while others may offer a meal plan. If you tour a facility, you may be able to have a meal there to experience the dining area and ask any questions you have about their kitchen and nutritional options.

Are Fun Activities Available?

Most senior living communities have an activities department, which allows residents to participate in arts, crafts, field trips, and more to make their time much more enjoyable. However, you shouldn’t assume that there will be these kinds of opportunities for your loved one—ask about the activities, and you may be able to speak to the director to learn specifics.

Hopefully, these questions to ask a prospective assisted living facility will help your family make the best decision. If you decide on a long-distance facility, consider private non-emergency transportation to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your parent or loved one. Moving into a new place is a huge adjustment, but asking questions about the facility’s operations can put your mind at ease.