In this episode, host Darleen Mahoney and special guest Christie Freeze tackle a topic that’s close to many hearts: the impact of falls on caregivers and their loved ones. They’ll explore proactive measures like home safety consultations and practical solutions like grab bars to make homes safer.

Listen in as they delve into the evolution of senior living communities and the pivotal role of self-care for caregivers. Christie Freeze, an eldercare advocate with over twelve years of experience, will share her insights on family unity, structured communication, and spotting signs that indicate the need for additional care.

From personal stories of cognitive decline to the importance of empathy and understanding, this episode is packed with valuable tips. We’ll also hear about Christie’s indispensable book, “Roadmap for Eldercare,” (Buy it here) which equips caregivers with the knowledge they need before a crisis hits.

Join us as we navigate the often overwhelming world of elder care, providing you with the roadmap and support necessary to make informed and compassionate decisions.

Roadmap for Eldercare: Click Here

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