When you need to call a medical transportation service, it’s critical to know what you need for your condition. It’s not always necessary to call for immediate emergency transport; that can quickly become expensive, and it’s a cost you can easily avoid. When choosing between different types of medical transportation, always know the options available to you and what is the most appropriate for your needs.

Ambulatory Transport

The most common type of transportation people think of is traveling in an ambulance. These services offer immediate attention and medical care as they transport you to a hospital for more intensive care.

Calling an ambulance is appropriate after a serious car accident or severe medical problems, whether they take place at home or in public. This option is best for providing immediate care to stabilize the patient and ensuring they get the medical attention they need to remain safe.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Conversely, non-emergency medical transport is best when the medical condition is not as urgent. This is when individuals have their medical emergency fairly under control; they don’t need immediate care to save their life. This is a more relaxed form of transportation designed to keep the patient comfortable during transit.

Along with this, there are long-distance medical transportation services that can help patients travel from state to state in order to make appointments. These types of transport services provide the patients with comfort during a long trip, offering a trained crew to assist with any medical needs.

Flight Escorts

Many patients with serious medical conditions aren’t able to fly, but for those who are well enough to travel by air, flight escort services offer greater safety.

They provide constant medical supervision as you enter, ride, and exit a plane, ensuring you’re safe and healthy the whole way through. Professional nurses accompany the patient to answer any medical questions and concerns that may pop up during the flight.

Pick the service Right for You

Never burden yourself with unnecessary medical transport services; it can cost you money you don’t need to spend. Always invest in services you need, whether that means non-emergency or ambulatory transportation. Know your current medical condition and make the best choice possible; always know the different medical transport services available to you.

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