Suicide prevention is a crucial issue across all ages, but today we turn our focus towards a demographic that often goes unnoticed – our seniors. Joining us is Leslie Weirich, a seasoned speaker in the realm of mental health and suicide prevention. Leslie brings personal and deeply moving insights, amplified by her experience of losing her son to suicide and her broad engagement with military communities. 

Today, we will explore the alarming trend of rising suicide rates among seniors, discuss the transformative power of personal connections, and address the role of technology in fostering these crucial human interactions. Leslie’s work exemplifies the profound impact that sharing, connection, and listening can have on preventing tragedies and fostering post-traumatic growth. 

We will also dive into Leslie’s influential book, “The Gifts of Grief,” where she chronicles her journey through loss and the lessons learned about the importance of being truly present for one another.

The background music is written, performed and produced exclusively by purple-planet.com.