Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is a relatively new concept. You, along with many others, may have questions or misunderstandings about the service. While it’s an excellent service to have access to when you or your family needs it, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. Discover these four common misconceptions about NEMT.

1. Incurring Fees

While it may or may not surprise you, making last-minute changes or canceling your scheduled service can cost you extra. The majority of companies don’t have vans in every city or state, even if they serve all states. Therefore, their crews need time to travel before pick-up.

Because most companies typically send their teams 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time, you will most likely incur extra fees for canceling or rescheduling at the last minute.

2. Insurance Coverage

The majority of medical coverage doesn’t cover NEMT costs. A significant reason for this is that the cost differs considerably from state to state. However, it’s critical to research your specific coverage plan and ask questions about what services it will cover for you.

While this type of service is generally a private payment – meaning you pay the company directly – many companies offer some kind of payment plan for those who need it.

3. The Vehicles

This may be the most popular of the four common misconceptions about NEMT. Many people expect travel vehicles to be more like luxury RVs; however, they’re transport vans.

Vans offer a comfortable atmosphere and ample space, but the amenities are more limited than a larger vehicle. For example, transport vans don’t have a kitchen or full bathroom, but they have enough for a safe and comfortable trip.

4. The Ride

While our team at Trans-MedCare does our best to make the trip as comfortable as possible, a smooth ride isn’t guaranteed. Ultimately, the transport vans are still vehicles, and the ride is only as smooth as the roads allow.

Even if you don’t have a use for it right now, an NEMT service is an excellent thing to keep in mind for the future. You never know what could happen. For your long-distance elderly transportation needs, as well as questions and concerns about NEMTs, visit Trans-MedCare online.

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