Hospitals across the country report that emergency department (ED) visits have declined significantly for illnesses not related to COVID-19. In particular, heart attacks and strokes appear to be going unchecked. Some hospitals also observe a decline in fall-related ED visits.

Doctors believe that people are so scared of contracting COVID-19 that they’re not seeking help for life-threatening ailments. Nationwide, nearly a third of adults say that they have delayed or avoided medical care because they are concerned about contracting COVID-19, according to a poll from the American College of Emergency Physicians. Nearly 75% of poll respondents also expressed concern about overstressing the health care system; more than half worried they won’t be able to see a doctor.

Strokes and heart attacks demand immediate attention.

While stay-at-home guidance is a critical part of reducing the spread of COVID-19, if you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of a stroke or heart attack or have experienced a fall and suffered a fracture, broken bone, or brain injury, it is important to seek medical care right away.

For strokes, in order for clot busters – medicines that break up clots and prevent long-term problems like paralysis – to work, or for surgeries to be successful, it’s crucial to get to the hospital within three hours after the first symptoms appear. Some patients are not eligible for treatments if they get to the hospital too late.

Prompt treatment can be lifesaving and help avoid long-term complications

Our country is experiencing an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, but let’s not add to the added suffering that might result from not seeking prompt care for many serious, but treatable, conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and falls with injuries.

Hospitals have safety measures in place to protect us from infections and have allocated beds for patients with non-COVID illnesses. If you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms of a stroke or heart attack, or have experienced a fall and suspect an injury, it’s important to get prompt treatment that can be lifesaving and help avoid long-term complications.

At TranMedCare, we specialize in long distance transport for patients who need to relocate for medical treatment, rehabilitation or to return home to the care of family as a result of a serious injury or illness. We provide caring, personal attention and adhere strictly to CDC guidelines for hygienic protocol. Patients travel in comfort with a memory foam mattress, TV/DVD, and the convenience of an on-board bathroom. Medications and O2 are administrated as directed by skilled professionals. All meals are provided and family members and pets are welcome to ride along. Let us know how we can help. Give us a call at 888-984-3722, or contact us at https://trans-medcare.com/contact-us/.

Source: National Council on Aging

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From your initial contact, we start the process of coordinating your loved one’s transport bedside to bedside.

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