Buckle up as we deep dive into identifying , reporting and finding  where you can access the latest scams & frauds. We provide tips on how to report and  stay safe from the.  Scams  that are  rising and getting more complex than what we have ever experienced. 

We are joined by a knowledgeable expert,  Karen from AARP Florida, on the complex web of fraud prevention and the pivotal role of reporting scams in dismantling fraudulent activities. Listen as our insightful guest, as sheds light on the imperative need to shift the conversation around fraud, offer support to victims, and enhance public awareness. From romance scams leveraging AI technology to phishing tactics preying on emotional vulnerabilities, we explore various forms of fraud and how to shield yourself from falling victim.

Discover the valuable resources provided by AARP’s Fraud Watch Network to combat & educate yourself on  international fraud syndicates. Arm yourself with knowledge, stay vigilant, and join the collective effort to combat fraud.

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