Whether your loved one needs transportation from a medical facility or a relocation closer to you, it may be worth it to consider non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services. Unfortunately, many forms of Medicare and other insurances don’t cover these services; therefore, you may need to pay out of pocket. Before you decide to pay privately, explore the factors that affect the cost of long-distance NEMT.

The Trip Distance

While many NEMT companies have different rates, most of them will have a set cost per mile. Therefore, the overall trip distance will usually impact the price. For instance, a trip across the country will be extensively more expensive than traveling to a neighboring state. Although the company may have additional fees, the distance plays a large role in the overall cost.

Necessary Equipment

Medical devices and other equipment are some of the most important features of long-distance medical transportation services, but the specific equipment depends on the patient’s condition. With that in mind, the team must equip the vehicle with the necessary supplies and devices, which may come at an additional cost for the company if those supplies aren’t readily available.

Crew Size

Each company has a different standard on how many people are on the crew, and it may depend on the patient’s ability level. Teams with three or more people may be more expensive, but it’s the best way to ensure the greatest care and safety for your loved one during transit. Although you may not be able to choose the crew size, it can influence the cost of NEMT.

Wait Time

Fortunately, you can hire a NEMT company for a round-trip. For example, you may need them to take your loved one to a long-distance appointment and bring them back home. This is an option, but the time between travel—called wait time—may cost extra. As with drive time, most NEMT companies also have a set price for wait time increments.

After learning about the factors that affect the cost of long-distance NEMT, you can make the best possible decision when it comes to transporting your loved one. Although you may be hesitant to pay for transportation services, excellent care and safety are the top reasons to contact our team at TransMedCare for all your long-distance NEMT needs.