Referral Bonuses

Referral Bonuses

  • $500 referral bonus
    • The referral bonus of $500 will be issued in 1 installment at 30 days after date referred contractor has started first assignment.
    • Referred contractor must remain employed for the 30-day period after first assignment in good standing. If contract ends during this period, then referral bonus amount is forfeited.
    • Referrer must be currently contracted throughout the entire period. If contract ends during this period, referral bonus amount is forfeited.

Performance Bonuses

Paperwork Bonus

  • Earn $25 per month, If you fill out your paperwork for each trip correctly with no errors including daily logs, medical paperwork and submit your paperwork with detailed receipts on time, every Wednesday by 5 p.m. Eastern.

Picture Bonus

  • Earn $10 for each clear customer photo you submit with the company logo in the picture up to 5 photos per month for an extra $50 per month. Photos are approved by a third party for bonus.
    • Photos must be emailed.
    • Need crew members on trip
    • Trip ID
    • Names of people in the photos (patient/family)

Customer Satisfaction Bonuses and Tips

Review Bonus

  • For every customer that mentions you by name when leaving a favorable review, including online, letter, or card, you will receive $25.


  • Satisfied customers provide tips! Those are 100% passed on to the crew.

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