When the waves of grief crash upon us, how do we stay afloat in an ocean of sorrow? CJ Infantino with The Day After Podcast, a widowed father who has steered through the storm of losing his spouse, joins us to illuminate the hidden intricacies of grief, sharing his voyage from darkness to finding a beacon of hope. He confronts the societal currents that urge us to ‘move on,’ advocating for a more understanding and active engagement with grief, which does not simply fade with time but evolves as we navigate our new realities.

The conversation isn’t confined to shared experiences; it casts a light on therapeutic innovations that might pave the road to recovery. CJ shares the profound relief he found in somatic therapy and biofield tuning, offering insights on connecting with our bodies and minds to foster healing. Through this intimate exchange, we hope to extend a lifeline of solace and guidance for those who find themselves adrift in the vast expanse of bereavement, ensuring that no one has to navigate these waters alone.

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