In our compelling discussion, we traverse the transformative journey of seniors reclaiming their joy and freedom through Cycling Without Age. Ole Kassow and Pernille Bussone share the profound physical, emotional, and mental benefits these simple bike rides bring to their passengers. With heartwarming anecdotes, they paint an uplifting portrait of seniors, not just as patients, but as individuals thriving, connecting, and enriching their lives despite their age. This isn’t merely an exercise; it’s a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and the power of human connection.

As a senior, you may feel trapped in an aging body, isolated and longing for the freedom and thrill of cycling in your youth. Now imagine, riding again, feeling the wind against your face, relishing the joy of movement, and the world isn’t confined to four walls anymore. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the incredible mission of our guest, Ole and Pernille. Together they’ve sparked a groundbreaking movement, transforming lives of seniors by breaking down barriers of limited mobility.

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