Have you ever wondered how to navigate the winding road that is a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis? We’re here to help guide the way. Join us as we sit down with Naomi McLeod, esteemed Program Director for the Virginia chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA). Naomi generously shares her wealth of knowledge about this progressive neurological condition, starting from the initial diagnosis, the emotional turmoil that follows, and the plethora of resources at one’s disposal. She firmly believes and encourages listeners that a Parkinson’s diagnosis is not the end of the road but rather a new path to tread.

Physical and mental well-being are not just hot topics, they’re crucial for everyone, especially those living with Parkinson’s. Let us shed some light on the benefits of staying active, embracing social interactions, and therapeutic interventions in managing this condition. You’d be surprised how a simple walk with your grandkids or a virtual session of Zumba Gold helps. Naomi strongly advocates for initiating physical, occupational, and speech therapy at the early stages of the disease, and we dig deep into why.

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