Trying to decide the best way to relocate an elderly family member closer to you is never an easy feat, but you should evaluate the situation closely before you choose. Not only can traveling long distances with your loved one take a toll on both of you, but it can actually be unsafe. Discover the signs it’s time to consider non-emergency medical transport for your family member.

Dementia or Sundowners

Traveling can be difficult if your loved one has mental issues such as dementia or sundowners. For example, an episode of confusion may distract you from the road while driving, which puts both of you in danger. For this reason, long-distance medical transport companies travel with a crew of three people to ensure the safest trip possible.


Another essential thing to consider is if your loved one can use the restroom independently, know when they need to go, and hold it if necessary. If not, you may have to stop to change them, which will increase your overall time on the road.

You should be aware that incontinence can be a possibility for elderly patients, and you have to be comfortable with changing your loved one if you decide to drive them yourself.

Urgent Timeline

When it comes to moving from one facility to another, there may be a specific timeline to get there that you’re unable to fulfill. This may also cause you to restart the transfer process over again because of the short notice. Avoid taking too much time by letting our trained teams at TransMedCare safely transport your loved one in a timely fashion.

Medical Needs

Medical needs that you’re largely unfamiliar with can make for a rocky trip for both you and your loved one. For their safety, it’s crucial to implement medications correctly, and that medical equipment is functioning properly. Additionally, they may not be comfortable in a traditional car for long periods, which is why medical transport vans provide ample space and more comfort.

While it may be easy to ignore the signs it’s time to consider non-emergency medical transport, there’s no need to be ashamed if you can’t handle it yourself. Our team at TransMedCare is here to help, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about transporting your loved one.