I read the reviews..interesting. Now here is mine. The proof is in the pudding. Jeremy, Felicia, and Kim were wonderful when transporting and caring for my Mom. They came from Florida to Illy and Andy and Jeremy kept us updated on the 12 hour trip. The way they cared for my Mom you would of thought she was their own Mom they were caring for at this time. I was so tearfully happy to see Mom they”the staff”gave me a huge bear hug to consol me. They answered most of my questions even before I asked. They know the business.

I am glad they are here and hopefully here to stay. It’s not just customer oriented service they provide but, family centered service they provide. A refreshing rarity. More businesses and employees should conduct themselves in this professional and caring manner. Continued Blessings and Success to all of you.

And Yes, I highly recommend this service. I have been in customer service and a Customer Service Supervisor for over 30 years now. I know great service when I see it!
Thank you again Transmedcare staff!!!

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