TransMedCare is a world class medical transport team. The ambulance was luxurious, spotless, and comfortable, and the team of two EMT drivers and one Nurse were professional and compassionate. We drove non-stop from Oklahoma to New York, with my mom stable and comfortable, and me by her side all the way, 23 hours smooth as silk.

During the holiday season in 2018 my mother fell critically ill, visiting family in Tulsa, Ok. We researched all of the options, and a long distance ambulance transport was the only way to get my mom back to upstate New York. My church family researched options and found TransMedCare. During the week that we organized approvals, medications, and receiving hospitals, Andrew and his team communicated and coordinated each change in the plan. When a huge storm was expected the day of our transport, Andrew had the transport crew preposition the night before, and made sure I and the hospital were ready to move 6 hours early, so we could miss the storm. Every detail was planned, and the team of paramedics and nurse, all women, were as confident and professional as a team of Navy Seals. World class service, and a competative price to beat. Bless you guys at TransMedCare!

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