There comes a time when it’s not the best idea for a senior to live at home alone anymore, and coming to this decision can be stressful and challenging. Nobody likes thinking about the fact that assisted living may become inevitable, but your loved one’s health and safety are more important than anything else. Noticing any of these top signs it’s time to consider assisted living should make your decision clear.

Worsening Health Condition

As we age health issues worsen, and immune systems weaken. As such, your loved one is more likely to become sick often and require more help as they get older. If they need care for more than half the day, it might be time to look into long-term care facilities with the staff to handle all your loved one’s needs.

Forgetting To Take Medicine

While it’s normal to forget to take your medication once every once in a while, it can become a severe issue if it happens too often. You can try to implement reminders and memory systems to help them remember, but they might need additional care if these strategies don’t help.

Struggling With Daily Tasks

Daily tasks become more of a burden as your loved one gets older, and it might be time for a change if cooking, cleaning, and laundry become too difficult. Don’t let them suffer if you see them struggling with too many daily tasks. Instead, find a place they can enjoy life and relax without worrying about housework.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a top sign it’s time to consider assisted living, and it’s one that you shouldn’t ignore. When your loved one doesn’t feel the best, their basic hygiene is the first thing they will ignore. They may not bathe as often or as thoroughly as they should. When this becomes noticeable, you should think about moving your loved one into a facility, helping them bathe, or hiring someone to help them.

If you notice one or all of these signs, your decision should be pretty clear. Additionally, if your loved one is currently living far away from you, they might benefit from long-distance non-emergency medical transport to get them to their new residence. Contact our team at TransMedCare with any questions or concerns about transporting your loved ones to a safe place.