Caring for an elderly loved one can be both rigorous and rewarding, but the main goal is to help them improve their quality of life as much as possible. With that said, you should prepare yourself to help in any way they need, whether it be eating, using the restroom, or getting out of bed. Moving around gets harder and harder as they get older, and they may need your help to maintain their health and safety. Follow along for the top tips for safely helping an elderly person out of bed.

Get as Close as Possible

One of the first things you should do before helping your elderly loved one out of their bed is to get as close to the edge as possible. Although it may not be the most comfortable for either of you, it’s the safest way to protect them and yourself from injuries. You’ll put less strain on your body the closer you are before moving them, and they’ll be less likely to fall in the process.

Use a Handrail

Many hospital or care beds include handrails on the sides to prevent the person from rolling out and make it easier for them to get out of bed. With that said, the person in the bed should grip the handrails or bedside, if possible, to give themselves some leverage when sitting up. Furthermore, using a handrail is a good option to make them feel more comfortable and confident about their safety when getting out of bed.

Let Them Help You

Although it’s your job to help them move, you can let them help you. Many older people still have some strength and ability to move but struggle to get out of bed. With that said, you shouldn’t fight them when they try to get up; instead, help where you can and give them clear instructions to ensure their safety throughout the process.

Lift With Your Legs

When lifting anything—especially another person—you should lift with your legs rather than your back. Although lifting while standing up straight may be easier, getting yourself into a good position to take the person’s weight without hurting yourself is beneficial. Using your legs is the best way to reduce strain on your back and give yourself the best leverage when moving your elderly loved one.

Now that you know the top tips for safely helping an elderly person out of bed, you can prepare them for long-distance elderly transportation services. Whether they have an appointment or are transferring to another facility, your loved one may need your help getting out of bed and preparing for their travels.