It was our honor to be recognized by CBS-WKMG-TV Orlando as the “Best of Central Florida” for excellence in long distance medical transportation. Our appreciation goes out to hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols for allowing us to share valuable information about the services we offer and the growing need for safe and secure nationwide medical transportation. A special thanks to the entire production crew for making us feel at home. We are grateful to our dedicated drivers, medical teams and customer care staff for setting the highest standards in the industry. Our love goes out to all the amazing patients we have had the honor to serve… and who we now consider family. If you have a loved one with medical needs who needs to relocate, we are here to help. Go to https://trans-medcare.com/contact-us/, or give us a call at 888-984-3722.

Safe and Secure Long Distance Medical Transportation

We offer safe and secure non-emergency medical transportation for distances of 300+ miles, adhering strictly to CDC guidelines and hygienic protocol when visiting hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation facilities. During transport, your loved one will receive all the comforts of home, including TV, Wi-Fi, Netflix, memory foam mattress and the convenience of an on-board bathroom so there is no need to ever leave the vehicle. Medications and O2 are administrated as directed. All meals are provided, and family is updated regularly on patient status and time of arrival. Family members and pets are welcome to ride along. Financing is available. We are committed to providing the ultimate in-patient transport with highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art vans. We offer nationwide service with over one million miles safely driven, providing caring medical transportation for the elderly, handicapped, injured and patients experiencing mental health issues, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

TransMedCare… a name you can trust.
We provide state-to-state, coast-to-coast and bedside to bedside non-emergency medical transport to and from hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or home so your loved one can be in the care of family. When it comes to bringing your loved one home safely, TransMedCare is the name you can trust.

From your initial contact, we start the process of coordinating your loved one’s transport bedside to bedside.

TransMedCare provides the following non-emergency medical transportation services:
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TransMedCare is a Non-Emergency Transportation Business. (Transports must be 300+ miles.)