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Ensuring complete coordination bedside-to-bedside alleviating as much stress as possible for your loved ones’ transportation needs.
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At TransMedCare, we understand the responsibility of caring for your loved ones during private medical transport. When they travel with us, your loved ones will get expert care from trained medical professionals with CPR and Defensive Driving certifications. Our vans provide a level of comfort you won’t see elsewhere, including entertainment options, built-in toilets (on some models), privacy from crew, and room for one or more family members to accompany your loved one while they travel. We also take care of all meals and make frequent restroom stops as needed to keep your loved one comfortable. Plus, if your loved one has a pet traveling with them, they can come, too!

Prior to TransMedCare Transport

Below are some questions to help us determine your exact transportation needs:

  • Departure & Arrival Destinations
  • Desired Date & Time of Departure
  • Patient’s Medical Status
  • Medication Needs
  • Oxygen
  • Personal Belongings
  • Passengers or Pets
  • Diet Restrictions

Please give us as much information as possible when scheduling transportation for your loved ones. We’ll need to know where they’re traveling and on what dates, as well as their overall medical status. Our crew can make sure that your loved one takes their medication at the right times and can monitor things like oxygen status, blood sugar levels, and vitals. There’s plenty of room on board for suitcases, medical equipment bags, and even pet carriers. Please also let us know in advance if the person we are transporting has any diet restrictions so we can make sure to include that in our healthy meal accommodations.

During Transportation

Here are just some of the amenities we offer during transport:

  • Constant Care on-board medical staff to include vitals, blood sugar checks, O2 levels, patient movement
  • Medications will be administrated as directed
  • Meals provided to patient & passenger
  • Provide updates to the family & arrival destination
  • Entertainment for those traveling including a TV with DVDs

Not sure what to expect from private medical transport with TransMedCare? In addition to the above list, we also provide your loved one with a comfortable memory foam mattress that will support their entire body. The bed is also adjustable, so your loved one can sit up or lie flat, whichever they prefer. Our vans have tinted windows, allowing passengers to look out without worrying about privacy. They also come equipped with lighting, full A/C and heat controls, and handrails for extra mobility support. If you’re traveling with your loved one, we can provide you with comfortable seating right beside them, complete with a table and charging ports for entertainment.

Trans-MedCare Van
Trans-MedCare Van Interior
Trans-MedCare Van Interior
Transport For Patients With Dementia

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Transport For Patients After Surgery

Non Emergency Transport

Transport With Passenger

Bed To Bed Transport

Central Florida Medical Transport

Affordable Medical Transport

TransMedCare provides the following long-distance non-emergency medical transportation services:

Long-Distance Medical Transportation Services

TransMedCare offers affordable long-distance patient & medical transport without sacrificing quality or comfort. We understand the complexities that are involved in long distance ground medical transport and take the steps necessary to make it a hassle-free experience. Our long-distance transport services provide peace of mind that your loved ones will be treated with exceptional service. Our services also include long distance non-emergency transport, transport for patients after surgery, as well as long distance transport with a nurse.

State to State Medical Transport

TransMedCare’s national patient transport services include state to state medical & patient transport. We understand the planning and coordination needed to safely and comfortably provide out of state medical & patient transport. Our highly trained staff takes care of every detail required to make regional medical & patient transport a pleasant and efficient experience. We also offer coast to coast transport services that include cross country medical & patient transport.

Long Distance Elderly Transportation

TransMedCare understands the needs of individuals with impairment and chronic health conditions. We specialize in long-distance elderly transportation, including transport for senior and elderly patients with dementia, nursing home transport and long distance hospice transport. We strive to provide services that are essential for minimizing their hassles of going to and from their appointments. We also provide bed to bed transport, home to home transport and stretcher transport.

Long Distance Patient Transportation

At TransMedCare, our mission is to provide affordable and quality care in medical & patient care transport. We understand the decision to hire a private medical transportation service can be daunting, however we ensure complete coordination bedside-to-bedside alleviating as much stress as possible for you and your loved ones. We even allow passengers and pets to ride along.

TransMedCare is a Non-Emergency Transportation Business (transports must be 300+ miles). Contact us today to learn more about our long-distance medical transportation services.

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