When choosing a long-distance medical transportation company, it’s essential to consider the plentiful roles and tasks performed by the transportation crew. The primary goal of non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is to keep your family members safe and care for their needs.

However, that standard is difficult to uphold for teams consisting of less than three people. Understanding why three-man crews are important in NEMT will help you choose the right company to transport your loved one.

Short vs. Long Distance

It makes sense to have a crew of one or two people for short-distance transport, as it’s typically a simple move from a hospital to a local nursing home or rehab center. On the other hand, it’s not the best idea to have a one or two-person crew for a long-distance trip because it can become an unsafe amount of time for one person to drive. This is especially true when the trip takes more than 12 hours.

There are no laws or regulations to dictate minimum personnel size regarding state-to-state transport. As a result, individual companies can decide on the number of crew members they send to transport your loved one.

Crew Members Need Sleep

When companies send a two-person crew for long-distance transport, one person must drive while the other cares for the patient. While they will switch roles throughout the trip, they both must remain awake.

Although transport crew members are professionals, they’re also human. With that in mind, they need to sleep in order to maintain a maximum level of awareness and safety. A three-person team makes it possible for each person to rotate between driving, caring for the patient, and getting some rest. This way, each crew member stays sharp and able to give their best for your loved one.

Your Loved One Matters Most

Ultimately, your loved one matters most, and it’s our priority at TransMedCare to provide safe long-distance non-emergency medical transport. We always send a three-person crew to ensure they can rest and deliver the best possible care and safety for your family member.

Knowing why three-man crews are important in NEMT is necessary when choosing a transport company for your loved one. Their health and safety are your priority, and they deserve a team that can safely care for their needs from point A to point B.