What if you could boost your physical health, mental well-being, and social connections all through the power of dance? Our guest, Elizabeth Moakler, a licensed Zumba Gold instructor, shares her incredible journey from teaching live classes to connecting with over 100 participants from across the globe through Zoom. Elizabeth’s story is proof that dance exercise benefits everyone, especially seniors, in more ways than one.

 In this lively discussion, we learn how Elizabeth tailors her classes specifically for seniors, celebrating their accomplishments and special occasions. From her oldest student who turned 87 to individuals of all ages and abilities, Zumba Gold brings joy and energy to everyone involved. Not only do we discuss the crucial role of music and adapting teaching methods to the virtual world, but we also explore the scientific benefits of Zumba – from releasing ‘happy hormones’ to increasing neural efficiency.

As we wrap up our conversation, we reflect on the importance of dance exercise for seniors and how it enriches their lives. By challenging balance and coordination and learning new choreography, Elizabeth’s classes contribute to improved brain health. Don’t miss this energetic and inspiring episode, and find out how you can join her virtual Zumba classes to boost your own health and happiness. Connect with Elizabeth Moakler at Zumba@careconnectusa.org