Can you prevent Dementia? Join us on a journey of hope and empowerment with our latest podcast episode featuring the esteemed Dr. Clionsky  a board-certified neuropsychologist  and co-author of the book, “Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain”, who debunks the myth that our genetic makeup is the sole dictator of our dementia destiny. Discover the impactful ways in which our daily habits, sleep patterns and medical decisions can dramatically sway the odds in our favor.

 As we gracefully tackle the complexities of aging, this discussion takes a turn towards the sensitive subject of driving with dementia, and the intricate dance of intergenerational care. We share heartfelt insights on how to navigate these waters with compassion and wisdom, all while keeping an eye on proactive measures that fortify brain health. Plus, get privy to my personal 10 by 3 formula—an easy-to-adopt plan to keep your body and mind in peak condition. It’s all about taking actionable steps toward a healthier future, with practical advice that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

Cap off the episode with a deep dive into the crucial, yet often overlooked, role of sleep in cognitive function and ADHD.  The conversation expands to touch on the surprising health implications of sleep apnea, while also addressing common misconceptions.

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